Al sawary aluminum company is one of the best specialized companies in skylight system and it can also fabricate a ladder moving on a rail around the dome and fixed with axe on the top of the dome to make the maintenance is much easier.


Unique structure:

▶ Facade appearance: grid, beaded frame, horizontal line facade, vertical line facade.
▶Depth of range, ( 2.24 cm 44.39 – cm uprights)
▶Contoured facade: convex and concave angles up to ° 10


▶ FOutside: using a linear pressure plate, reinforced by an interior and exterior EPDM gasket.
▶ Inside: using a ponctual pressure plate, with vulcanized frame gaskets in the angles and gasket edged caps in the top of the infill.
▶ Verticals/Horizontals: by injecting butyl mastic directly into the connectors (on site or in the workshop).

Design and installation:

▶ Mullion/transom assembly using face fixed connectors, no machining.
▶Rapid fabrication and installation with punctual pressure plate and frame gasket.