Structural Sliding Window


Al Sawary’s Horizontal structure windows are ideal for any application where total vision is required. Whether the purpose is to link or separate, add security, provide noise or thermal insulation or, remove barriers, it is also available in a variety of configurations to meet your design requirements.

▶ Reduce energy consumption with our standard Low-E Glass which provides additional protection against fabric fading.
▶ Have custom made to your home’s exact specifications with no extra charge or extended lead time.
▶ Enjoy real peace of mind with our industry-leading great looking for the glass all over the window.
▶ Get real durability. Sealed, mechanically joined corners stay square and true over years of use.
▶ Discover the beauty of the clean, narrow sight lines that only the strength and stability of aluminum can provide.
▶ Enjoy the convenience of the lock system, which automatically locks when you slide the window shut.
▶ Keep your home comfortable in all weather as the glass frame design delivers an improved thermal rating and higher energy efficiency.
▶ A higher structural rating makes these windows ideal for light commercial buildings (schools, restaurants and government), as well as homes.