Casment and Hinge Window

Al sawary aluminum casement and hinge window provide excellent ventilation, has no rail to obstruct views and adds more durability using our special fittings and accessories for more safety.


▶System: Sawary Special Systems.
▶Profile Thickness: 1.0 – 2.0mm.
▶Finish: RAL, Anodised or Super Durable.
▶Width of Sections: 50 – 80mm.
▶Accessories: Made In Italy.
▶Glass: High-Quality Tempered.
▶Clear, Tinted or Reflected.
▶Gaskets: EPDM

Meticulous aesthetics:

▶ Concealed drainage of bottom rail.
▶ Maximum glazing area due to the fineness of the styles.
▶ Half-moon locking system with built-in handle for easy manipulation.
▶ Meticulous detail: invisible fixing, incorporated gasket in the frame finish.

Pivoting frame: maximum performance:

▶ Large dimensions (L = 2m50 x H = 2m20).
▶Invisible spring built into the groove.
▶Maximum glazed area.
▶Strength: tested to 2000 cycles.
▶Security: sash frame can lock at all angles.


▶ 100% machining using pneumatic tools.
▶Revolving gasket ( rebate and glazing ) – quick to install.
▶Exists in module 65mm. Compatible with GX & GXi slider windows.