Horizontal Sliding Window

Al Sawary aluminum sliding window is popular for satisfying customers, as an easy-opening window over Bedrooms, Kitchen counters and sinks, and for providing a contemporary look.


▶System: Sawary Special Systems.
▶Profile Thickness: 1.0 – 2.0mm.
▶Finish: RAL, Anodised or Super Durable.
▶Width of Sections: 50 – 100mm.
▶Accessories: Made In Italy.
▶Glass: Any type preferred by the customer.
▶Clear, Tinted or Reflected tempered glass.
▶Gaskets: EPDM

Aesthetics and ergonomics:

▶ Concealed drainage of bottom rail.
▶ Maximum glazing area due to the fineness of the styles.
▶ Half-moon locking system with built-in handle for easy manipulation.
▶ Meticulous detail: invisible fixing, incorporated gasket in the frame finish.

Reinforced safety:

▶ Specific solutions tested by the CNPP (National Prevention and Protection Centre).
▶A break-in delay of over 3 minutes created by a combination of laminated glazing and multi-point locking system (A2P certification, 2nd half of 2003).